The Likeness


License and monetize your likeness.
Our Mission
The Likeness aims to redefine human identity in the digital space, empowering each individual with the power to protect and control their likeness. We aim to pioneer a new chapter of history where everyone has the capability to register, manage, and profit from their likeness rights.
With the rise of AI and personalized advertisment, the power of personal identity holds an unparalleled potency. The Likeness enables individuals to legally register their digital persona -- creating their likeness LLC.
Your likeness LLC serves to protect you from non-authorised use your likeness, as well as converts your likeness into a legally recognized and financially beneficial asset. By registering your likeness LLC, your personal identity transcends to become a viable investment, embodying a business entity with you at the helm.
After registering your likeness LLC, you can access the marketplace and discover brand collaboration opportunities. Serving as a connecting bridge and curator, The Likeness provides a vibrant marketplace of brand collaborations where your persona can be utilized for creating digital advertisements. Your likeness can embody a character in a video game, become the face of a digital marketing campaign, or represent a brand in the virtual world.